Core Offer

A full-time place at ACE Tiverton will provide:

  • A school day from 8am to 2pm that provides a range of social, academic and personal development opportunities to stretch, challenge and engage students with a range of educational needs and areas of interest.
  • Students are taught in groups of between 8 to 10 based upon their learning levels, needs and social interaction skills.
  • The timetable is built to enable access to sensory breaks, withdrawal space and adult support outside of the classroom as required.
  • Specialist classrooms for secondary science, design technology, cooking and art will be an integral part of the curriculum delivery.
  • High expectations regarding learning and social behaviours with a focus on developing skills and strategies to thrive independently in a real-world setting.
  • Social language and interaction strategies in the context of a cohort of pre-teen and teenage students with social communication needs linked to ASC alongside the challenge presented by puberty and teenage development.
  • A regular and consistent input focused on wellbeing, physical and mental health, relationships, safety and citizenship is threaded throughout every curriculum area.
  • Targeted provision to support students throughout their time at ACE Tiverton includes access to ELSA therapy, Talk Time, Breakfast Club, Student Leadership roles and the support of trained peer mentors.
  • A broad and balanced curriculum that follows the national curriculum and KS4 qualification syllabi for all subjects offered.
  • A personalised curriculum model that enhances skills, deepens knowledge and enables students to have a comprehensive range of qualifications, that prepares them successfully for adulthood.
  • We teach students on a pathway to participate in mainstream post 16 learning, employment or training.
  • A blended academic and therapeutic curriculum personalised to the needs of each student to include expert input from Occupational Health, Speech and Language Therapists; Educational Psychologists and Communication & Interaction Specialists.
  • Therapeutic specialist environment and learning resources with all staff trained in de-escalation and specialist support strategies for students with additional needs related to an ASC diagnosis.
  • We educate students in groups with a minimum adult/student ratio of 1:5.
  • We make all possible adjustments to our physical environment and learning resources to meet the needs of students within the framework of the national curriculum and KS4 qualification requirements.
  • Personalised and individual IT access for all students.
  • If eligible for school transport, this will be provided by Devon County Council.