Food Technology Subject Statement

Food Technology Subject Statement

Why do we study this subject at ACE Tiverton?

Everyone needs to eat, it’s important to know how to cook for yourself, and it’s great to cook for others! More importantly cooking gives you lots of skills, confidence and a level of independence and satisfaction that only freshly baked bread, or cookies can really achieve.

What qualifications can I achieve in this subject?

We offer three main qualifications in this subject. BTEC level 1 and then level 2 in Home Cooking,

and a Food Hygiene qualification.

What skills will I learn and practice in this subject?

There are so many! Cooking, cleaning, taste testing, recipe design, budgeting, knife skills, Food science, we could go on!

However, bravery, independence, resilience, confidence, and adaptability are skills that are

nurtured throughout all the Food Tech lessons.

What jobs and post 16 education opportunities can I go on to do with this subject?

You can continue studying Food Technology at college, or catering, or any service industry. With your Food Hygiene certificate, you can work in most places where any food handling or

preparation is required.

What else should I know about this subject?

All you need is a willingness to try. It’s mainly practical so best to let us know if there are any

strong smells, textures or flavours you have trouble with.

Do I need any specific resources or kit for this subject?

You’re very lucky as at this school we provide most of the ingredients and equipment. Sometimes we may ask for extras, like a secure container for you to bring your food home, and now and again a donation so we can get some extra special ingredients for you.