Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to ACE Tiverton School

We are proud of our school community, which is becoming a vibrant, warm and enjoyable place to learn and work.

We opened our brand-new school in September 2019 with 35 students across Years 7-11 and are settling into the routines of our daily lives as a learning community. We expect to be full by 2021 with 75 students.  

Our school is a friendly, inclusive and safe learning environment in which vulnerable students are valued and nurtured. Our priority is fostering engagement in learning through strong relationships because we know that this is the basis for excellent progress in all areas of learning, personal and social growth.

As a Free School, we are fully supported and funded by Devon County Council. Membership of Transforming Futures Trust further strengthens us as part of a wider learning family and we are excited to become a positive and productive part of the Tiverton education and wider community.  

Our students are bright, humorous and interesting young people with their own backgrounds, stories and contexts. They thrive in an environment built on mutual respect, genuine interest and transparency. Unconditional positive regard is our mantra and we firmly believe that every day is a new start.

We are fortunate to have a talented, experienced team of staff who take pride in working relentlessly to ensure that every individual leaves us as a confident young adult. Every one of our students will be well prepared for their life after Year 11, whether they go into employment or take up further education opportunities.  

Whether you are a prospective parent, student or staff member, we look forward to welcoming you to our school family.

Hannah Smart