Humanities Subject Statement

Hello! Welcome to KS3 Humanities and Entry Level History

The staff that teach this subject are Ms Macleod and Mrs Bond. 

The skills you learn in this subject are….

Humanities focusses on helping students develop valuable transferable skills including:

- Using various forms of evidence, both primary and secondary and using these to make inferences and judgments.

-  Cartographic (map) skills.

- Graphical, statistical and numerical skills.

- Qualitative and quantitative data.

- Literacy to write responses which analyse both sides of an argument.

The topics we cover in this subject include….

Geography – Human, physical and environmental geography. We complete country studies and explore how phenomena such as migration, urbanisation and de-forestation affect lives either positively or negatively.

History – We aim to know and understand history as a coherent, chronological narrative, from the earliest times to the present day: how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world.

Entry Level History – Crime and Punishment in Britain c1000 – present and Germany 1925 – 1955

The qualifications you can achieve in this subject are….

Entry level qualification in History.

The careers this subject helps you to prepare for include…

Humanities focusses on helping students develop valuable transferable skills suitable across many careers including: administrative roles, journalism, advertising/sales, law, childcare/teaching, healthcare, retail, event organisation. With Entry Level History you could choose to study this further with a GCSE, A Level or even a degree at University!