Mr Adam Wray Science Teacher

Adam started his career as an engineer with IBM after gaining a B.Eng in Engineering and Management from Brunel University. He progressed in the high-tech industry to leading engineering teams designing automation, robotics and complex test technology systems. Along the way, he worked around the world, living in Japan and then in Silicon Valley, California. Taking a change in tack, he left the high-tech engineering and briefly had a start-up company making organic and fair-trade chocolate products!

Adam’s 4 children have been an inspiration and motivation for him, all having varying levels of dyslexia, and his son was diagnosed with high functioning autism at age 14. This motivated Adam to make a career change to teach secondary science and give autistic children the best possible education.

He has had experience teaching science up to key stage 5 in small private and large state secondary schools. He initially worked with ACE Tiverton part-time starting in January 2019. From Easter 2021, Adam has taken on the full-time role of leading science at ACE Tiverton. He represents ACE Tiverton in leading the Science Network and Support Group for the South West Association for Leaders in Special Schools (SWALSS) and is a mentor for early career teachers.

Adam is a fully-fledged and self-confessed geek – passionate in his interest in all things' science, technology, computing and understanding how to put cognitive science into practice and research on how people learn.