Our Classes

We currently have 11 classes named after famous people with autism from around the world; they are arranged by need rather than age or ability and students remain in these groups for all lessons. We refer to our class groups as Learning Families as this reflects our school culture and approach to learning. 


This class is named after Jessica-Jane Applegate, a British paralympic medallist swimmer. Applegate is part of our Haven centre, which is on a separate site fomr our Orcahrd campus. 


This group is named after Luca Brecel, a champion snooker player from Belgium.


This class is named after a famous wildlife expert, Chris Packham. It is part of our Haven centre provision which is situated in a purpose designed building separate to our Orchard site. 


This Learning Family is named after Tim Burton, a famous director of films such as 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'. 


A group named after Michelle Dawson, a scientific researcher from Canada.


This Learning Family is named after Albert Einstein, a world-famous scientist and mathematician from Germany.


This class is named after Temple Grandin, an animal researcher and author from Canada.


This Learning Family is, named after Evgeny Kissin, born in 1971 he is an Israeli-Russian–British classical pianist who first came to international fame as a child prodigy.


A class named after Thristhan Mendoza, a child prodigy musician from The Philippines. 


A Learning Family named after Nikola Tesla, an inventor and engineer from Serbia.


This group is named after Christine McGuinness, a well known advocate and campaigner for Women with Autism.