Our Classes

We currently have 7 classes named after famous people with autism from around the world. Classes are arranged by need rather than age or ability and students remain in these groups for all lessons.


A Year 7 Nurture class, named after Jessica-Jane Applegate, a British paralympic medallist swimmer.


A Year 7 class, named after Luca Brecel, a champion snooker player from Belgium.


A Year 8/9 class, named after Michelle Dawson, a scientific researcher from Canada.


A Year 8 class, named after Albert Einstein, a world-famous scientist and mathematician from Germany.


A Year 9 class, named after Temple Grandin, an animal researcher and author from Canada.


A Year 9 Class, named after Evgeny Kissin, born in 1971 he is an Israeli-Russian–British classical pianist who first came to international fame as a child prodigy.


A Year 9/10 class, named after Thristhan Mendoza, a child prodigy musician from The Philippines. 


A Year 10/11 class, named after Nikola Tesla, an inventor and engineer from Serbia.


Safe Place and Calm Environment: our all through nurture based class group.