Student Leadership & Voice

Our school culture values learning and new experiences, these are vital tools in developing confidence, trust and resilient. Students are actively encouraged to be their own best advocate, in preparation for their next stage of life, learning and employment.  We also provide a broad and balance range of opportunities in built to our curriculum and school life to ensure students participate in new activities, in a planned, managed, and supported manner. Preparation and pace are important elements of meeting student’s needs and building their desire to participate and thrive through learning in a range of different ways. No student is ever excluded from taking part in these activities because of their SEN or disability, we approach every student and situation with a ‘how can we do this’ mindset. We have a trauma informed, attachment theory driven approach to student engagement and participation. We dedicate a significant part of the school curriculum to educating students about tolerance, relational interactions, good communication skills and strategies as well as how to seek support for any worries or concerns they have in any area of their lives - or about others. In essence, we empower students to use their voice as a force for good - for them as individuals as well as the communities they belong to.