Teaching and Learning

ACE Tiverton School caters for students with ASC who fall within the average to high ability range. We aim to ensure academic and social success for our pupils by maintaining a rigorous but flexible and adaptive approach, securing successful future pathways for all our pupils from Key Stages 3 and 4.

We want to make sure our pupils with complex needs are supported to achieve the most successful educational and social outcomes of which they are capable, preparing them for their next steps in the real world. We have high aspirations for our students and have our sights set firmly on maximising outcomes at KS4, with a particular focus on improving the percentage of pupils achieving grades 5-9 at GCSE (including English and Maths), while ensuring that every pupil leaves us with a meaningful post-16 placement.

Our developing curriculum incorporates learning activities that challenge pupils to recognise and exceed their own expectations, provides appropriate nationally recognised and accredited courses and qualifications that promote high attainment, and features transition planning that will ultimately guide our pupils towards the achievement of aspirational goals in adult life.

We know that our students prefer a few short, step-by-step instructions, reinforced with visuals where possible. ‘Now and Next’ boards are displayed in all rooms. We aim to teach new content in small chunks and then give students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in independent activities or tasks. All students have their own laptops which may be used in any lesson. Some students will need fidget toys and rest breaks to help keep them engaged. Above all, we believe that building relationships with our students is key and we recognise that this may take time, patience and flexibility.

In our second year of opening, we introduced a secondary model of learning for most of our classes, alongside our Haven provision, two nurture groups taught predominately by a class teacher in a more primary, cross-curricular fashion. We are able to offer subject specialist teaching and learning which makes full use of our excellent facilities, as well as delivering an innovative, bespoke, challenging curriculum tailored to the needs of students with a rnage of SEND needs linked to Autism. 

Programmes of Study are designed to include National Curriculum content, life skills and general knowledge. Teachers will consider what knowledge, skills, techniques and strategies our students need to know, understand and apply independently to be prepared for adulthood, as well as what knowledge, skills, experiences and opportunities every child should have to thrive, enjoy and flourish.